Create Memories with This Summer Activity and Have a Chance to Win Prizes!

Explore Christian County and Discover the Best of Our Community!

Get ready for an exciting summer adventure with our Shop Where You Live Bingo Card! This activity encourages you to explore Christian County, support local businesses, and showcase our community.

Together, let's make a difference and celebrate our local economy. Discover all the amazing things Christian County has to offer. It's the perfect way to have fun, support local businesses, and make lasting memories.

How to play:

1. Get Your Bingo Card: Download and print your own bingo card here. Prefer a digital version? Check out our Instagram Story version here!

2. Complete Activities: Visit local businesses, enjoy outdoor adventures, and participate in community events to complete squares on your card.

3. Take Photos: Capture the moments as you complete each square. Make sure to take photos as proof of your activities.

4. Submit Your Card: Submit your completed bingo card (with a whole line completed - 5 squares in a row, can be up, down, across, or diagonal) along with your photos by August 31st here. If you achieve a blackout (all the squares have been completed), you'll increase your raffle odds 5x!

5. Tag Us: Share your photos on social media and tag us @showmeccmo, your local cities, chambers, and businesses. Let’s spread the fun and support our community!

6. Use Hashtags: Help spread the word by using these hashtags on social media: #shopwhereyoulive, #SWYL, #shopccmo, #shopwhereyoulive, #christiancountymo, #thatsmymo, #417local

Bingo Card
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Important Details:

Submission Deadline: All entries must be submitted by August 31st.

Eligibility: Participants must be at least 16 years old to enter (with guardian consent if under 18).

Photo Proof*: Remember to submit photos that prove you completed your squares!

*Please ensure your photos are appropriate, family-friendly, and clearly showcase the activity or business related to the Bingo square. Be mindful to respect the privacy and property of others when taking photos.

Why Participate?

Win Prizes: Enter our raffle for a chance to win fantastic prizes. We’ll contact you directly if you’re a winner, and prizes will be mailed out.

Get Featured: Your photos might be featured on our social media channels!

Support Local: Show off the best of Christian County and support local businesses, cities, non-profits, and chambers.

Business Participation:

Donate a Gift Card: Businesses that would like to donate a gift card to the prize raffle, please contact For businesses interested in donating a gift card, we will feature them on this page, including a link to their website or social media if they don’t have a website.

The Importance of Shopping Local:

Shopping local is crucial for the health and vitality of our community. When you shop locally, you:

Support Local Economy: Money spent at local businesses stays within the community, helping to create jobs and fund public services.

Create Community Connections: Local businesses are owned by your neighbors and friends, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

Reduce Environmental Impact: Shopping locally reduces the need for transportation, lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Encourage Local Entrepreneurship: Supporting local businesses encourages innovation and entrepreneurship within the community.

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Join the Social Media Movement:

Custom Giphy Stickers: Use our custom #SWYL stickers on Instagram or Facebook stories! Just search "#SWYL" in the sticker function and share your support for local businesses.

Tag Us: Don’t forget to tag @showmeccmo on social media to share your enthusiasm with our community!

Use Hashtags: Spread the word with these hashtags: #shopwhereyoulive, #SWYL, #shopccmo, #christiancounty, #thatsmymo, #417local

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