What is a Traffic Study?

A traffic study involves a comprehensive examination and detailed analysis of the transportation infrastructure within a defined area, supported by extensive data collection. Typically, these studies aim to address recurring transportation issues and propose effective solutions to alleviate traffic congestion. They are often initiated at the request of public officials, local residents, or jurisdictional staff members and are conducted by experienced transportation engineers.

A special thank you to Derrick Estell with Toth & Associates for taking the time to film with us.

Common Reasons for a Traffic Study

  • Infrastructure Planning: Planning for necessary road expansions, intersection improvements, or other infrastructure upgrades to accommodate increased traffic from new developments.
  • Assessing Traffic Congestion: Identifying areas with congestion and evaluating the impact of increased traffic due to new developments.
  • Evaluating Developmental Impact: Analyzing how new developmental properties such as residential or commercial developments affect traffic patterns and road usage.
  • Safety Analysis: Identifying potential safety hazards and accident-prone areas, especially in proximity to new developments.
  • Traffic Management Strategies: Developing strategies to manage traffic effectively, such as implementing traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, or dedicated turning lanes, in response to changes caused by new developments.

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