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The Christian County Commission, in collaboration with the county government, cities, chambers of commerce, and the dynamic business community, is spearheading an initiative with dual goals:

1) raise awareness about supporting small businesses, and 2) encourage residents to shop locally. Local spending has undeniable economic impacts, creating jobs, funding public services, supporting nonprofits, and promoting sustainability.

This initiative, sparked by the Christian County Commission, aims to uplift establishments across various sectors. According to the US Census Bureau's 2021 report, Christian County is home to a thriving community of 1,999 employer establishments. As an integral part of the Shop Where You Live campaign in Christian County, this movement is specifically tailored to provide backing to businesses of all kinds, including retail outlets, service providers, and small-scale enterprises. Join us in amplifying the local business ecosystem and fostering economic resilience.

Media Kit

Download content for Shop Where You Live below. You'll find an extensive collection of valuable resources, including social media templates, logo assets (vectors available upon request), print materials, and much more.

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Social media story mockup that features the Shop Where You Live Logo

Easily Show Local Support via Social Stories!

Join the movement to support local businesses in your community! Show your support by using #SWYL stickers on Instagram or Facebook. Spread the word and inspire others to get involved. It's easy - search for "#SWYL" in Instagram's sticker function or through Facebook's story feature's stickers. Select stickers and search through the GIF library to find the perfect one to share your support for local businesses.

Don't forget to tag us on social media @showmeccmo, allowing us to share your enthusiasm with our community! Together, let's make a tangible difference and celebrate the heart of our local economies.

Use Hashtags: Help spread the word by using these hashtags on social media: #shopwhereyoulive, #SWYL, #shopccmo, #shopwhereyoulive, #christiancounty, #thatsmymo, #417local

Image Submission

If you would like to submit your own images that we can potentially use in the Shop Where You Live Campaign, please do so here. We would love to feature local businesses and other community events.

By submitting content, you grant us permission to use it in our campaign. You confirm that you have the necessary rights and release us from any claims.

Planning Ahead: Route 66 Centennial In 2026

Get ahead of the curve for 2026! With the Route 66 Centennial on the horizon, businesses in our area are poised for an unprecedented surge in tourism. It's time to prepare your business game plan. Dive into the details of upcoming events and ensure your spot is primed for the action. Learn more.

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