2023 Legislative Priorities & Advocacy

We understand the many challenges facing our state and appreciate the efforts by elected officials to address statewide issues. Listed below are items identified by business and community leaders in Christian County we feel are critical to economic development. We want to thank you for continuing to advocate for our county and for speaking on behalf of the issues that are important to us.


Below is a list of bills and legislation that our organization kept on eye on during the 2023 session. Session ended in mid-May; here is a summary of what passed and what did not.


PASSED: Foreign Ownership of Farmland

SB 138 was passed, which included provisions that prohibit a foreign entity from acquiring agricultural land in the state after the effective date of the act.


PASSED: Grant Money for Broadband

SB 25, exempts broadband grants administered by the Federal Government to the State of Missouri from federal, state, and local taxes.


PASSED: Child Care Incentive

SJR 26, provides a property tax exemption for real and personal property used mainly for childcare outside of the child's home. However, this exemption will only take effect if voters approve a constitutional amendment allowing such an exemption.


PASSED: Entertainment and Film Industry Tax Credits

Six nearly identical bills (SB 52, SB 58, SB 67, SB 94, HB 239, HB 675) were filed in both chambers this session. SB 57, SB 170, and HB 169 would provide an incentive for live entertainment rehearsals and performances in Missouri. The program would offer a tax credit equal to 30% of the expenses associated with rehearsals and performances. The program would have an $8 million annual cap.


DEAD: Tort reform

HB 272, and SB 117, would shorten the statute of limitations from five to two years; HB 1009, replaces “time-limited demand” with “settlement demand” and seeks to close a loophole by establishing a clear 90-day standard; HB 274, modifies provisions regarding actions for damages due to exposure to asbestos.


DEAD: Sports Betting

Did not pass but is expected to return next session.


DEAD: Municipal Green Bonds

HB 863, bars retirement and pension systems from considering environmental, social, or governance (ESG) characteristics and is not subject to legislative or regulatory mandates to make ESG investments. Additionally, the bill requires the disclosure of any investments made using ESG and modifies the definition of “municipal green bonds”.


DEAD: Railroad Improvements

HB 657, authorizes a tax credit for qualified short-line railroad investments.


DEAD: Missouri Rural Workforce Development Act

SB 92, provides a tax credit to investors who invest in a fund that invests in an eligible business. An eligible business must be located in a rural area, have fewer than 250 employees, and be headquartered in Missouri. The program would have a $16 million annual cap and sunset in six years.


DEAD: Property Taxes

SB 8, Under current law, personal property is assessed at 33.3% of its true value in money, but this act changes the assessment rate to 31% starting January 1, 2024.


DEAD: Simplifying the Public Assistance Process

SB 82, limits the application form for SNAP, TANF, child care assistance, or MO HealthNet to a one-page form that is easily accessible on the Department of Social Services website. The bill also repeals provisions of law allowing for individuals convicted of certain drug offenses to participate in SNAP only if certain conditions are met.


DEAD: MO Empowerment Scholarship Account Program

HB 350, increases the maximum amount of available funds for certain student populations participating in the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Account Program.


DEAD: Childcare Tax Credits

HB 870, creates several tax credit programs regarding childcare subsidies.


DEAD: Tax Relief for Child-Related Expenses

SB 184, creates the "Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Act," which provides a tax credit of up to 75% of a taxpayer's contribution to a childcare provider, for tax years starting on or after January 1, 2024.


DEAD: Gas Corporations

SB 638, The bill creates growth project discount rates for gas corporations, by aligning the benefits with electric corporations.


DEAD: Charter Expansion

SB 304, The bill would permit charter schools to operate in any school district inside a charter county, as well as in any municipality that has a population of more than 30,000 people.


DEAD: Voting Rights

HB 248, Currently, Missouri is one of 47 states that allow those with past felony convictions to restore their voting rights upon the completion of probation and parole. The bill seeks to remove the requirement an individual must fully complete probation or parole.


DEAD: Corporate Income Tax Elimination

Several proposals were filed that varied slightly that would phase out the Corporate Tax, with the intent to get the state to zero.


DEAD: I-70 Improvement Fund

SB 317, establishes the "Interstate 70 Improvement Fund", to be used solely by the Highways and Transportation Commission for the purposes of completing and widening or otherwise improving and maintaining Interstate 70.


DEAD: Initiative Petitions

HJR 43, reforms the initiative petition process and requires a 57% majority to pass amendments and initiatives that propose statutory changes shall not be changed for three years after their enactment without a legislative majority of 57% agreeing to the change.


DEAD: Parents’ Bill of Rights

All these bills vary slightly, but the central theme is to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory and attempt to get school districts to provide more transparency around the curriculum.


DEAD: PSC Membership

HB 1044, Increases the PSC from 5 to 11 members and changes the assessment rate utilities pay to fund the PSC. Additionally, this includes the Nuclear Clean Power Act.


DEAD: Eminent Domain for Solar and Wind

HB 1052, prohibits the use of eminent domain by electrical corporations for the construction or erection of any plant, tower, panel, or facility used for wind and solar farms that are owned by public utilities.


DEAD: Tax Credit for Education Expenses

SB 226, allows for a tax credit for 100% of tuition costs paid to private or public schools outside the district of residency.


DEAD: Railroad Tax Credit

SB 385, creates a tax credit for expenditures up to 50% for short-line railroad companies that have qualified expenses.


DEAD: Solid Waste Disposal Permits

HB 909, modifies provisions regarding solid waste disposal area permitting. This caused two filibusters and a compromise was reached with $100,000 given for an environmental impact study on the proposed area and a moratorium on landfill building in Kansas City.


DEAD: EV Charging Stations

HB 184, requires certain political subdivisions to install electric vehicle charging stations to pay the cost associated with installation, maintenance, and operation of such stations.


DEAD: Regulatory Sandbox Act

HB 268, establishes the Regulatory Sandbox Act and outlines the framework of the program.


DEAD: Historic Tax Credits

HB 316, modifies the Historic Preservation Tax Credit program.

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