The story of Christian County is not just a tale of two cities. It is the story of a developing region, joining together with neighbors to make our home an even better place to live. Our county was founded in 1859 when Greene, Taney, and Webster Counties contributed pieces of their own county to form a new one. This is how Christian County ended up with a panhandle!

From those humble beginnings to now, Christian County has grown and stretched to become one of the fastest growing counties in Missouri from 2000-2030.

Christian County's anchor communities, Nixa and Ozark, are two similarly sized cities going through a tremendous phase of growth. At first, we were reactive to that growth, but now we are striving to become more proactive.

That's where Show Me Christian County comes in.

Since Christian County is comprised of several strong communities, city and county leaders decided they wanted a one-stop shop for business and development assistance across the county, stretching from Billings to Clever, to Highlandville to Sparta. We help businesses do what they do by connecting them to our resource partner network.

We exist to meet three main goals:

  1. Business Development - We work with businesses from the ground up: supporting entrepreneurship, attracting new businesses, and aiding with business retention. We are proud to be the Christian County business advocate.
  2. Talent Development - Workforce development: it's a term that is thrown around left and right these days, but that does not mean it is any less of an issue. Ensuring our workforce has the skills they need to succeed is one of our top priorities. We love working with our educational partners to close gaps and ensure our businesses have a strong talent pool to pull from.
  3. Placemaking - We understand that people oftentimes do not move for a job; rather, they move for a place. It is our mission to advocate for projects and opportunities that will continue to make Christian County the best place to live and raise a family.

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At SMCC, we are much more than a resource for businesses; rather, we are a partnership, dedicated to the continued and lasting development of our beautiful, innovative, and expanding county.

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