Informed Voter Coalition

The Informed Voter Coalition is a nonpartisan group dedicated to empowering voters and fostering engagement between candidates and citizens. Their mission is to provide unbiased information about candidates running for office, facilitating informed decision-making in our communities.

The Informed Voter Coalition approached Show Me Christian County to act as a liaison for communicating School Board candidates in the Christian County area for the upcoming elections. This collaboration stems from the Coalition's expansion of focus to include Christian County candidates alongside those in the Springfield area. Rest assured, the Coalition has no hidden agendas and will not endorse or support any candidates.

Become informed before election day so your vote is cast for the candidates that align with your beliefs and standards! To help guide voters, the Informed Voter Coalition is again producing a series of nonpartisan interviews with candidates to air during the noon hour on KSMU Ozarks Public Radio (91.1 FM) between March 18-22. No registration is required -  tune into KSMU at noon that week!


Monday, March 18 - Nixa Public Schools
Tuesday, March 19 - Ozark Public Schools
Wednesday, March 20 - Willard Public Schools
Thursday, March 21 - Springfield Public Schools (4 candidates)
Friday, March 22 - Springfield Public Schools (3 candidates)

Informed Voter Coalition members include:

Comprised of 13 nonpartisan organizations and entities, the Informed Voter Coalition brings together a diverse range of perspectives and expertise to ensure comprehensive coverage of local elections.

Candidate Interviews Nixa School Board

Aired on Tuesday, March 18, 2024, on KSMU

Nixa School Board Candidates: Joshua K. Roberts, Megan Deal, Jason Massengale, Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk

Candidate Interviews Willard School Board

Aired on Tuesday, March 20, 2024, on KSMU

Willard School Board Candidates: Matthew Young, Amanda Gooch, Megan Patrick, Renee McKelvie

Candidate Interviews Ozark School Board

Aired on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, on KSMU

Ozark School Board Candidates: Patty Quessenberry, Dustin Kirkman, Jason Newman Shaffer, James Francis Griffin

Candidate Interviews Springfield School Board

Aired on Tuesday, March 21 and 22, 2024, on KSMU

Springfield School Board Candidates: Danielle Kincaid, Landon McCarter, Susan Provance, Scott Crise, Dr. Kyler Sherman-Wilkins, Dr. Chad Rollins and Dr. Maryam Mohammadkhani

The video interviews were recorded by Nathan Papes of the Springfield News-Leader.

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